Zanhorn Nightraider

A badass half-orc monk


Totally badass.

AC: 19; Fortitude: 20; Reflex: 20; Will: 18; HP: 104

Powers he had: (+10 to attack AC; +7 vs. other defenses)

Monk Powers:
Monk Unarmed Strike
Five Storms
Eternal Mountain
Spinning Leopard Maneuver
Supreme Flurry
Stone Fist Flurry of Blows

NPC Powers/Traits:
Combat Advantage: +1d6 damage
Dirty Trick: 1/round gain combat advantage as a minor action
Veteran’s Luck: make a saving throw against each effect a save can end (minor, 1/encounter)


Zanhorn is a tall, muscular half-orc. His head is shaved, revealing his light gray skin beneath. His eyes are brown, but his stare his quite piercing. He wears a long, flowing black robe. He has a tattoo of an eye on his right wrist (same as Eillove has on her stomach).

In combat, Zanhorn darts in and out as much as he can, relying on his superior mobility to keep him out of harms way. Whenever he has a chance to flank, he does, although it is not always necessary because of his dirty trick power.

Zanhorn Nightraider

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