The Great Collapse

The Great Collapse is the culmination of the fall of Nerathus, the point when the empire was officially dissolved. This occurred in 510 CE.

The fall of Nerathus had been long in coming. Its grip had extended too far too fast, and never once did it stop to catch its breath until the entire continent of Mera was under its grip. This conquest brought many benefits to all the people, but they had to sacrifice their freedom and independence for it. Infrastructures were built, connecting the many towns and people: roads, irrigation systems, sewage, and even teleportation circles connected the largest cities. Knowledge and prosperity were spread to the farthest reaches, but with this came corruption: barons overtaxing their people for personal pursuits, military crimes taking place secretly in the cities and streets. Eventually a resistance was formed, and the grip of the empire became loosened at its edges. The success of the resistance sparked hope amongst the downtrodden, and the flames of revolution burned higher and higher.

Nerathus was facing war on the all of its borders, its resources stretched to their limit, when another threat broke its back. Neerun, the capital, with its eyes turned elsewhere, was unable to watch its own doorstep. The patrols on the trade roads became more and more scarce, and gnolls and orcs viewed this as a great time to attack. In one night, a blaze of death overtook Neerun. The capital was pillaged and razed, its people slaughtered. In its own arrogance, no second capital was ever established, no second in command ever appointed.

The border cities had unofficially earned their freedom, as its enemy had been conquered by others. The remaining cities and towns across the continent forged a temporary alliance to extinguish the threat of the orcs and gnolls, but once the threat was eliminated, the cities returned to their own affairs. There are occasional disputes over territory and borders, but no one power has risen from the ashes.

The Great Collapse

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