Trapper's Haven

Rough draft – will need revising

Population about 1000
Led by Gunther Orcbane, the Mayor
Logger’s Guild also has a large amount of power
Main export is darkwood
Rough and tumble atmosphere (frontier town)

Trapper’s Haven is a logging community located in the Silverpeak Mountains. It was established by Justin Trapper in 409 CE, approximately one hundred years before The Great Collapse. The town is built on the site that many independent loggers, led by Trapper, used to congregate in order to sell their product. Once a sample of the wood was brought down to Hopesburg, merchants showed a great interest, and begin making the travel up to the site that is now Trapper’s Haven.

In time, the loggers united and built the town out of the very darkwood they had harvested. The Logger’s Guild was formed as a way to foster cooperation between the loggers, and to keep pricing, quality, and product standardized. This guild now holds a large amount of political capital within the town, since its industry is the backbone of the town’s economy.

Trapper's Haven

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