How tragic it would be if this happened…

I am going to begin trying to create more depth in my world. To give more of an insight into my thinking, I am going to post a few questions that I will be asking myself every time I add something into the game. This should lead to better thought out ideas, NPCs, places, etc. If you have any suggestions to add, please do.

Questions for to ask in order to increase immersion:
  • What is the thing’s name.
  • What does it look like.
  • What is its purpose/place in the world.
  • If it can think, what are its motivations.
  • How does it work?
  • How old is it?

Party So Far:
Jeff – Khondar Blackcrag
Mike – Darian Grey
Brad – Daradok Ironclad
Joe – Wolfgang Underhill

Have fun (obviously)
Create a reusable campaign world.
Emphasis combat less, and skill use and role-playing more than previous campaigns.
Method to achieve goal: Flesh out more people and places in the world.

Points of Emphasis:
Exaggerated sense of reality (good is really good, evil is very evil).
Dramatic interactions between PCs and NPCs.
PCs are heroic adventurers, but not the only heroic adventurers.

The Rebirth of Nerathus

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